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Sales driven organizations need top-notch rainmakers. If your company is just starting out, you will need to find, attract and keep your sales teams well-lubricated and operating like a fine-tuned Mercedes engine.

We offer a custom 2-day training program for your organization on-site that will take your existing sales team up to the next level. With a concentration on modern marketing tools both on-line and off line, we will teach your teams how to reel in the leads faster by focusing by teaching them how to paint the solution into the minds of the potential buyer.

Visualization is a powerful tool and it’s no surprise to learn that the best story tellers are often the best sales people. In this workshop, we will analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Often we discover that many sales teams are simply using the tools and techniques that worked five years ago. We will teach your sales people how to “turn it up a notch,” by showing them modern ways to tell stories inside of 3 minutes and painting the solution inside their heads.

The psychology aspect of any good “pitch” often involves getting the story teller / sales person to get the prospect to agree with them. By getting the potential buyer to say “YES” with the presenter 2 or 3 times during the pitch… it’s easy to get them to say YES again when you simply ask for the sale.

Presentation Zen. Sales Presentations that Don’t Suck
Let’s face it. You have to use a computer sooner or later in your presentation when you’re up on stage or in front of the board room table. PowerPoint is still the favorite presentation software out there, but if you’re on a Macintosh or using an iPad tablet… then your sales presentation tool of choice might be Apple’s Keynote.

Regardless of which one you choose, we’ll show you Guy Kawasaki’s secrets of Presentation Zen. We follow the 10-20-30 rule.

This means:

If you cannot tell your story in 10 slides or less, then your presentation will be too long, and will probably bore people to death. We will teach your sales team the benefits and advantages of the Wicke Chamber’s technique.

  • Ask a hook question. Like, who wants to make more money in 2017?
  • Then you tell them what you are ABOUT to tell them.
  • Then tell them.
  • Then TELL them what you just TOLD them.
  • Then you wrap it up in a nice little box by giving them a cute story at the end of the 10 slides.
It’s a no brainer. 20 minute presentations, period. Do not go over that threshold. People get bored quickly. Save the last 10 minutes of your 30-minute public speaking or presentation event for questions and jokes.
This is a killer tip. Use no fonts smaller than 30-points. It forces you to putting less than 40 words on a single slide. The PowerPoint or Keynote slide should never contain every word you are speaking. It should be a set out bullets that let you know what to speak about.

This technique lets the audience focus on you – NOT the slide show text.

Now, let’s put these parts together and pretend you in the audience at a Macworld Tradeshow. Steve Jobs is the presenter.

Steve Jobs was quite the showman. At the end of his 10th slide (which took him 20 minutes to deliver) and after he showed off the new iPhone or iPad, he’d sometimes ask the audience if they wanted a free iPhone?

This is a hook question and a nice present to give the audience at the end of the presentation. Of course, the crowd naturally laughs and goes wild in anticipation with the idea of walking out of the presentation with a brand new iPhone.

Steve then says to the audience to reach beneath their seats and see if there’s an envelope taped to the bottom.

There’s a lot of commotion and excitement as everyone in the audience holds up their #10 envelope.

Steve instructs the audience to please open them up and hold their tickets up in the air. Many of them are Orange, some are Green, some are Gray colored.

Steve says CONGRATULATIONS to the Orange ticket holders. You all just won an iPhone. The Green ones just won a pair of Bose Ear Buds and the Gray colored card holders won nothing.

He waits for the commotion then miles and says, Just Kidding. You win too. And he says to redeem their gray card for an iTunes $25 gift card as they exit the conference.

Granted, your company budget might not allow you to give away $50,000 in free company merchandise, but you get the idea. You can be creative at any sales presentation. We will teach you how to think “outside the box” when it comes to planning and delivering your next sales presentation.

If you’re the CEO, CIO or other executive at your firm – sooner or later you’re going to have to make a few public presentations or speeches. This workshop will show you to command attention and exude an effective “leadership” perception by your audience whether you’re on stage in front of 12 people in a board room or 3,000 people at your convention .
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