About Us

Public Speaking Classes is a small but important division of Effective Presentations, a Lakewood, Colorado-based firm that has been providing corporate communication training and keynote speakers for more than 20 years.
Public Speaking Classes delivers public speaking training on a personal level. We are committed to helping individuals develop communication skills that can be applied at work and in their everyday life. We know that the presentations you give to your volunteer group are just as important as the ones company VPs deliver to their corporate peers. And we understand that no matter who you are standing in front of, the fear of public speaking is just as fierce.
Meet some of our team members include the Doge dog!
Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.
Our Public Speaking Classes team is led by Effective Presentations founder Mike Fruciano, whose teaching methods are fresh, innovative, and fun. Mike’s extensive and varied sales career provides a never-ending supply of real-life scenarios and entertaining anecdotes that will make your skills training workshop lively, amusing, and real. Mike is passionate about building strong, effective leaders, and he understands the paralyzing fear that can grip a person who is put before an audience. Being an effective public speaker begins with building a solid foundation. Our hands-on approach to learning means you will build that foundation to grow your public speaking muscle right from the onset. No dull lectures and boring slide presentations here—this is an active learning experience you have to see to believe!