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Feel confident. Communicate better. Make stronger connections at work and in life. With Public Speaking Classes, you can change the way you do business—and your earning potential. Come see for yourself at our next Orlando public speaking training workshop.

Orlando Public Speaking Training That Works

Want to know the secret of overcoming your fear of public speaking? We’ve got it (and it’s a lot easier than you might think). Our Orlando public speaking workshop is perfect for anyone who’s ever wished they could be a better, smoother public speaker but gets knots in their stomach just thinking of standing up in front of a crowd. You are not alone. Learn with others who feel the same way in a safe, relaxed environment. We keep our class sizes small so you get the personalized training you need to become a confident, capable public speaker.

Public Speaking Classes: The Right Choice

Our Orlando public speaking training workshop will take you through the steps to becoming a successful public speaker. Learn how to prepare for your speech, create a strong first impression, use appropriate gestures, and the absolute best way to close a presentation so your audience remembers what you’ve said and acts on it. Yes, you’ll probably have to step outside of your comfort zone, but once you’re there you’ll see there’s an incredible speaking potential you never knew existed!

With our expert guidance and practical advice, you’ll go from timid to tremendous in just a few hours. And our training is ideal for practically everyone:

  • sales professionals
  • teachers
  • CEOs
  • lawyers
  • medical professionals
  • anyone who interacts with another person


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October 8 – 9, 2020


Seats Remaining:3


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Springhill Suites – Orlando FL

October 8 – 9, 2020


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Public Speaking Training That Fits

Every Public Speaking Classes workshop is designed with you in mind. That means we won’t waste your time reviewing things you aren’t interested in. We focus on practical learning and training you’ll find valuable and useful. Learn how to engage your audience and use visual aids that won’t put the audience to sleep. We’ll show you how to add humor to your presentation and make a connection with your listeners so that they take action.

With years of experience in a variety of sectors, our nationally certified trainers are more than capable of helping you become a confident public speaker to further your career and strengthen your relationships with others.

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Remember that no one is born a great speaker. Public Speaking Classes is there to teach people who know the importance of solid communication skills and want to improve them to further their career and achieve success. Sign up now for our next Orlando public speaking training event and give yourself an advantage over everyone else.

If you’ve exhausted the Internet looking for public speaking tips and you’re ready to overcome your fear of public speaking once and for all, you’re ready for Public Speaking Classes. We’ve got an open set at our next Orlando training event. Call 800-403-6598 before someone else takes it.