Authentic Communicator

How to Deal with a Difficult Person

Not speaking your Truth or voice...?

Speaking your mind can be scary; however, it does not have to be. People tend to follow the leader and their opinion. Straying away from the popular opinion and speaking can be difficult and nerve-racking, especially if the status quo has a different point of view than yours. However, when we fail to speak up there are many reasons why that is, but we are being inauthentic with our true selves when we stay quiet. Within the authentic communicator course, you will learn how to speak your truth to anyone and be able to get them to listen. You will also gain the knowledge of what motivates yourself and others to speak. Grasping these concepts will unlock how and why you communicate. If you are looking to grow into your voice and change your perception of communication consider joining us.

Dealing with difficult people is something we all face in life. Regardless if it’s a boss, co-worker, in-law, etc. the list goes on… The way in which you deal with these people will be different after each experience with them. This course dives into how humans communicate on an individual level and explains how to get a message through to the most difficult people. What are the motivations to communicate and what are others motives? Becoming conscious of these motives allows us to hack communication on a personal level. This course explains communication in a manner that applies to everyone in the world. Allowing us to become even more efficient and effective communicators by being authentic.

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Dealing with a difficult boss or co-worker...

The saying most people leave bosses, not companies rings to be true in most cases. Many will start to dread going to work because they are going to have to deal with someone that is difficult and it completely ruins productivity and efficiency. However, we have a solution our authentic communicator course where you will learn the inner workings of why humans communicate the way they do. With this

Finding your Voice

Stepping into your voice helps validate your opinion. Whenever you’re taking that stage remember your audience is saying good for the speaker. Because they’d much rather have someone else speaking than themselves. Public speaking is the number one fear in the world, after all… 

Public Speaking

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