Professional Development Courses

 Equip your team with the most important professional development skill needed in todays work force, communication! We help individuals and corporate teams enjoy presenting.

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.

Learn to Present a Slide Deck / PowerPoint Effectively

Public Speaking Classes is a division of Effective Presentations, we offer communication skills training for corporate teams and companies. We know exceptional presentation skills are imperative for success; we can set your team up to radiate confidence—and become viewed as credible experts that your customers want to talk with. Along with making company meetings more enjoyable to attend and listen to.

Client Testimonials

The presentation skills workshop was fun and a really helpful way to get more comfortable with public speaking and presenting. Would recommend!
Meredith Leal
U.S. Gov. Contractor
One of the best trainings I've attended in my 20+ year career. Very applicable for any type of role, industry, or stage of career. Dusty is a fantastic trainer!
Sam Anderson
Breelyn was fantastic! She was a great presenter and teacher! I grew my presenting rapidly when going through this training. Would definitely recommend!
Mike Stuart
Elementary Teacher

Our workshops are a team building and developing experience!

We train small businesses and large corporations and at the end of the day, they both get the same results, confident and comfortable communicators. Our number one goal is to make public speaking fun because we believe anyone can become a great presenter with the right training. It takes a knowledgeable coach and the right practice and techniques to transform mediocre speakers into effective engaging presenters.  The skills learned from our class will take your team’s communication to the next level and will result in a better work culture for employees at every level.

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Business Public Speaking Training

25 years of experience, Public Speaking Classes & Effective Presentations offer training events to drive & grow your business through effective communication

The classes are extremely fun to be a part of which makes learning easy and the material memorable. We aim to help reduce nerves and increase the confidence of professionals across all industries. Our business clientele have stated it is an investment in their team’s overall communication skills which has increased team productivity.

Let's discuss your team's needs: confidence, reducing nerves, powerpoint presentations, engagement, structuring a presentation, message clarity, etc.

Corporate Classes

Customize a workshop to include information from all our courses to fit your team’s need. See our different courses below!

Business Presentation Skills

These experiential workshops combine in-depth training with interactive and fun role-playing exercises. That means we use practical exercises and videotape your practice presentations to show you what you’re doing well and what needs work. You’ll find this to be a team building and supportive learning experience for everyone; participants quickly master very important verbal and non-verbal skills and will immediately become more confident delivering phenomenal presentations!

PowerPoint & Slide Deck Presentations

Learn to master the art of presenting with a slide deck. Visual aids are some of the most impactful tools a presenter can have to explain a significant point if used correctly. However, the majority of presenters read their decks verbatim. However, that is dreadful for the audience and presenter. This class teaches skills in presenting a compelling presentation/message with a slide deck or visual aid. 

Train the Trainer

This is the workshop you can’t afford to miss if you are a corporate trainer trying to hone in on your presentation skills to facilitate effective meetings. Expert corporate trainers are in high demand; people who hire them want to strengthen the skills they already have (as opposed to learning from scratch), so you’re guaranteed a highly attentive group. If becoming a trainer is your next career move, come talk to us.

Leadership Training

These energetic workshops encompass presentation skills, public speaking, sales training and time management—the key areas every business needs to excel at in order to succeed. Leadership training sessions incorporate interactive methodologies that allow participants to put their newfound skills to work right away. Poor leadership will sink a company. Join us to learn how to be a strong, sharp leader capable of harnessing change and using it to your company’s advantage.

Sales Presentation Training

Hands-on interactive learning is the cornerstone of these dynamic workshops. We show you a simple sales formula you can easily apply to virtually any industry to sell more and maximize your sales success. If you’re looking for a high energy workshop geared specifically to those in sales, this is where you want to be. Effective Presentations can custom build a corporate training workshop specifically for you, your team, and your market. Contact us today to find out more about the other workshops we offer that will get you communicating stronger and more effectively. We guarantee results!

Effective Communication Skills

We use these workshops to illustrate different communication styles and explain why some are effective while others are not. You will learn about all of the motivations that underlie listening filters and styles, and find out why it’s so important to tailor speech to the audience in front of you.

Business presentations and communication skills training by Public Speaking Classes and Effective Presentations are unique, they are tailored specifically to the participants goals. You’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind interactive experience led by nationally certified trainers with years of experience in the corporate world bringing a wealth of knowledge to the workshop. Our number one goal is to create a fun, but educational workshops for teams of various career backgrounds. 

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