Messaging & Structure

Learn the best practices for powerPoint Presentations & structuring a presentation that flows.

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.

Creating a presentation that is easy to follow

Finding a way to open up your presentation or work meeting can be difficult. Figuring out where to take your presentation after opening can be even more difficult. To top it off you now have to remember what you’re going to say to wrap the whole presentation up. It can be an absolute nightmare structuring a presentation; however, our course will give you the secrets to opening, closing, and planning a presentation. For more information schedule some time to talk with a trainer.

After completion of this course, you will have a competent understanding of how to structure a message from being to end. We simplify it down to where you should start when planning out a presentation, work meetings, keynote speeches, wedding speeches, etc. Whatever the occasion we will help you.  Our intention is to have you leave the class feeling confident and looking forward to your next presentation. How to give a proper PowerPoint or slide deck presentation is covered during this session as well. Giving you the knowledge of best practices for using PowerPoint in virtual meetings and in-person presentations. 

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Going down the rabbit hole is never a good idea....

Learn to Stop going down the rabbit hole

It can be easy to jump around from one topic to another when presenting; however, using a poorly structured presentation leaves your audience confused as the message is hard to follow. The secret to structuring a presentation is finding a flow, rhythm, and process. Within this course, you will learn how to use our 7-step-process that will keep you on topic with a clear message every time you present. 

Death by PowerPoint...

Everyone has sat through a mind-numbing PowerPoint or Slidedeck presentation before. Heck, you may have been that presenter at one point or another reading your deck word for word. However, this is all too common within the corporate world and we aim to solve that. This course will give you the secrets to presenting a PowerPoint effectively.


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