Messaging & Structure

Craft A message That gets your Audiences attention And keeps them listening

"Unless structure follows strategy, inefficiency results." -Alfred D. Chandler jr.

Capturing an audience’s attention is the first step to getting them to listen. but where do you go next? That is exactly what this course teaches; how to structure a message that is compelling to your audience. We start off by teaching effective opening strategies and go through various tips and tricks that aid in crafting a sticky message. We walk through the start to finish of structuring your message.

Going down the rabbit hole is never a good idea....

Stop going down the rabbit hole, keep it clear and concise!

It can be easy to jump around from one topic to another when presenting; however, using poorly structured presentation leaves you more likely to get caught in the weeds. The secret to structuring a speech is having a flow, rhythm and a process. Join our class to learn how to use our process that keeps you on topic with a clear message. 

Structure Makes listening easier for your audience...

If you make it hard for your audience to listen then they’re going to check out. However, if you’re flowing from point to point in a structured manner then your audience can follow along with ease. The goal of public speaking is to have your audience remember what was said during the presentation. Using our custom-built format will aid in message to the audience and what you want them taking away from your meeting/presentation.

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