Small Group Coaching That’s Effective and Convenient

Public Speaking Classes’ group coaching gives you a cost-effective alternative to attending a live workshop, with all the same perks. Learn to be a more confident and masterful public speaker in just three 2-hour workshops. You pick the dates that work for you and join in. Learning has never been so fun, convenient, and easy!

Why is group coaching so effective?

Because you learn from an expert as well as others in your virtual class. We limit classes to just four people. That means you get personalized attention with the added benefit of a group dynamic. Group coaching incorporates individualized and peer learning—and it’s very entertaining!

01. Commanding Presence
02.Powerful Voice
03. Messaging & Structure

Public Speaking Training at Affordable Prices

Best of all, any space you choose can be your classroom: your home, your office, your backyard, your car…anywhere!

Group coaching allows you to take advantage of our absolute best pricing, and you can choose the class that fits with your schedule. We run virtual classes every week, but you can pick and choose which three work for you. Start anytime and finish anytime. You’ll get the same exceptional public speaking training each time you join us.

Virtual group coaching is convenient and effective and delivers the results you’d expect from our live training events without the need to travel. Set up your webcam, log in to the classroom, and we’ll be there ready to transform you into a public speaking pro.

Group Coaching: It’s For Everyone

These days, people have hectic schedules, and very few of us have a full day to commit to a live workshop. We’ve remedied that by breaking our classes into 3 two-hour sessions that are manageable and effective. If you’ve always wanted to become a more dynamic and engaging speaker but didn’t think you’d have the time to spend on training, we’ve made it easy and convenient to get hands-on learning from anywhere in the world.

Public Speaking Tips

You will Get:

What You Won’t Get:

Online Public Speaking Training From the Best

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