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Online Public Speaking Classes: Learn With Us From Anywhere

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Learn the art of presenting virtually

Our trainers walk you through each session explaining and exampling what makes an impactful presentation and the opposite, what makes the audience check out. Learn a process of how to present yourself confidently and comfortably when delivering a message.

Your Personal Public Speaking Coach

The world benefits from better communicators. Our trainers have a passion for teaching the subject along with the achievement of Master’s degrees in the subject of Communication and have taught at the collegiate level. 

Learn How to be more confident Publicly Speaking

Public Speaking Classes offer the secrets of public speaking: how to engage an audience, stop the use of filler words, and how to craft a message. Not only do we explain different mechanics that can be utilized when presenting, but we also example how to be an effective presenter. We make it affordable and offer one-on-one coaching and group training so you get an opportunity for feedback and practice. No matter where you’re located we’ll be right there with you. The best part is we can guarantee you will become a better speaker after completion of our course. If not we will return your money.


What to Expect...

You know how important public speaking skills are, but you also know there’s no room in your schedule to devote the time to improving those skills. We get it. That’s why Public Speaking Classes has launched a live online, virtual training program for those who want to be better more confident speakers.
Just like our live workshops, our public speaking online training classes are led by nationally-certified trainers who can help you become a better communicator in all areas of your life, and we’ll do it at a time that’s convenient for you. All you need is a webcam and a few hours and we’ll have you speaking like a pro in no time.

Do you feel this way?

Are you among the 75 percent of Americans who are afraid of public speaking?
Do you lack the confidence of a great public speaker?
Do you struggle with making a connection with your audience?

Online Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Classes’ online training is intended to make you the best public speaker you can be. The skills you learn with us can be applied to virtually every area of your life to strengthen your personal and professional relationships. Use them to make more sales, close more deals, and get what you want.

If you’ve been looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to train with us, this is it! Contact us today to find out more about the online public speaking classes we offer and how you can get started.

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Learn how to present on zoom, teams, or webex

Our training programs have changed thousands lives personally and professionally. Our courses offer feedback and examples from our speaking coaches. They’ll address how to publicly speaking with confidence. If you’ve ever struggled with public speaking and want to improve. Contact us now to discover how online public speaking classes will transform your career and your view of communication. Many clients tell us after workshops how much information they didn’t even realize was being communicated before taking our course. 

Check out our currently scheduled Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training workshops below and join the one that best meets your schedule and location.

Jul 2024
Jul 11 - 12
Chicago Public Speaking
Chicago, IL
Jul 12
Denver Messaging & Structure
Denver, CO
Aug 2024
Aug 1 - 2
Houston Public Speaking
Houston, TX
Aug 22 - 23
Baltimore / D.C. Public Speaking
Baltimore / D.C.
Sept 2024
Sept 5 - 6
Denver Public Speaking
Denver, CO
Sept 12 - 13
Dallas Public Speaking
Dallas, TX
Sept 19 - 20
Orange County Public Speaking
Orange County, CA
Oct 2024
Oct 3 - 4
Kansas City Public Speaking
Kansas City, MO
Oct 10 - 11
Orlando Public Speaking
Orlando, FL
Oct 17 - 18
Seattle Public Speaking
Seattle, WA
Oct 18
Denver Messaging & Structure
Oct 24 - 25
Chicago Public Speaking
Chicago, IL
Nov 2024
Nov 21 - 22
Denver Public Speaking
Denver, CO
Dec 2024
Dec 12 - 13
Baltimore / D.C. Public Speaking
Baltimore / D.C.
Dec 12 - 13
Houston Public Speaking
Houston, TX
In today’s fast-paced, over-scheduled world, having a full eight hours to dedicate to one of our live public speaking workshops may not be realistic. With our online public speaking classes, you don’t have to sacrifice a day to take advantage of our professional training. All it takes is a few hours and a desire to learn.