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You’ve attended one of our workshops and now its time for 1-on-1 advanced follow-up coaching. The single greatest benefit of virtual training is you can do it from anywhere. Schedule your alumni advanced follow-up training for a time that works for you from a location you choose. All you need is an Internet connect and a webcam to turn any space into your own personal classroom. That’s why we offer one-on-one alumni coaching sessions for graduates of any of our public speaking workshops.

Great speakers aren’t born, they’re made. Even billionaire Warren Buffet considers his public speaking classes training even more important than his diploma from Columbia University. Public speaking is the single greatest asset you can bring to any job. Like any skill you learn, your public speaking skills can get rusty. Sometimes a refresher course is in order.

Calling All Virtual Training Alumni

Our alumni follow-up training reinforces the skills taught in our public speaking workshops. Whether you signed up for one-on-one training or our group workshops, our follow-up coaching for alumni is the perfect way for you to re-energize and keep your public speaking skills in fine form.

Similar to our other virtual training offerings, our alumni follow-up training offers hands-on learning. Practice makes perfect! If you’re struggling with a specific skill, we’ll dedicate time to helping you master it. You choose how much time you need to get you back up to speed. Our alumni training is offered in 30-minute increments.

What We Can Cover:

  • Advanced PowerPoint Design
  • Crafting Your Message
  • Powerful Opening and Closing Ideas
  • Compelling Storytelling
  • Using Persuasive Language
  • And Much, Much, More!

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Alumni Follow-Up Coaching

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Advanced Learning From Home

Public Speaking Classes strives to provide a superior online training experience that’s effective and inspiring. We’re results-driven and we want the skills you learn with us to stay with you for a lifetime.

Don’t let the public speaking skills you’ve worked so hard to attain fall by the wayside. If you’ve invested in public speaking training in the past, you know how valuable it is. Maintain your investment by signing up today for one-on-one advanced follow-up coaching.

Keep your skills sharp. Contact us today to book your follow-up training session.