Currently Scheduled Communication Skills Trainings

All over the country, there are thousands of professionals who need to improve their public speaking skills – just like you.

That’s why we take our Public Speaking Training Workshops from coast to coast.

Check out our currently scheduled Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training workshops below and join the one that best meets your schedule and location.

If you do not find a seminar near you, please contact us so that we can organize an Effective Presentation Skills Workshop in your city!

In-Person Classroom Workshops

October 2020

8 - 9 Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Orlando, FL More Info

15 - 16 Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Baltimore, MD More Info

November 2020

5 - 6 Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Dallas, TX More Info

12 - 13 Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Orange County, CA More Info

Live Virtual Online Training

Mastering Virtual Training

Mondays: 11am

Radiating Confident Body Language

2nd Mondays: 2pm
4th Mondays: 9am
2nd Wednesdays: 9am
4th Wednesdays: 2pm

Connecting Through Eye Contact

1st Tuesdays: 9am
3rd Tuesdays: 2pm
1st Thursdays: 2pm
3rd Thursdays: 9am

Expressing Vocal Variety

2nd Mondays: 9am
4th Mondays: 2pm
2nd Wednesdays: 2pm
4th Wednesdays: 9am

Incorporating Your Audience

2nd Tuesdays: 11am & 4pm

Developing Your Speaker Identity

3rd Wednesdays: 11am & 4pm


Last Thursdays: 11am & 4pm

Making Powerful Introductions

1st Fridays: 11am & 4pm

Crafting Your Message

1st Tuesdays: 2pm
3rd Tuesdays: 9am
1st Thursdays: 9am
3rd Thursdays: 2pm

Winning Slide Decks

2nd Fridays: 9am
4th Fridays: 2pm