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Abraham Lincoln was a fan of animated public speakers. “When I go hear a man speak, I like to hear him speak like he’s fighting a swarm of bees,” he said. Can you imagine how exciting a presentation like that must be? Imagine being the one giving that presentation. You can… and we’ll show you how at our next Public Speaking training in Denver.

Denver’s Finest Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Classes delivers a comfortable, fun, and effective public speaking workshop in Denver that brings out the best in you. You’ll perfect your communication skills and overcome the anxiety you have about speaking in public.

Are you among the 75% of Americans who fear public speaking? It’s a real downer for you and for anyone who has to sit through one of your presentations. Fear robs you of your self-confidence and it can cast doubt on your expertise. Public Speaking Classes can show you how to overcome your fear so you can speak with confidence and authority to any audience, whether it’s just one person or a whole room of people.


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January 14 – 15, 2021


Workshop Limited to 10 Participants!

Seats Remaining:6


Day & Time

3333 S Wadsworth, Suite D-110 Lakewood, CO

January 14 – 15, 2021
March 11 – 12, 2021


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Learn From The Experts

Under the leadership of our highly qualified nationally certified trainers, you will learn and master the skills necessary to be an effective, successful public speaker—one who can organize and deliver a winning presentation with confidence. You’ll be led through a series of interactive training exercises that allow you to first learn our techniques, then put them into action so you can see for yourself that they really work.

Public speaking doesn’t have to be scary; in fact, the very adrenaline that leaves you feeling panic-stricken about public speaking can actually be put to good use! We’ll show you how to harness that energy to give a presentation that wows your audience and has them hanging onto your every word.

Public Speaking Training For Everyone

There’s not a business or organization out there whose staff wouldn’t benefit from public speaking training, and that’s especially true for small businesses. Give yourself an edge over your competitors by mastering important communication skills that make you more likable and trustworthy to potential clients. Learn how to build solid relationships that convert to a heftier bottom line. Public speaking is a highly sought-after skill by many Denver employers today. They know people who are well-spoken connect better with clients and close more deals because of it.

We’d love to see you at our next Denver public training workshop. Contact us now to reserve your spot.

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