Why You Need Good Public Speaking Posture (Infographic)

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The Correct Posture for Public Speaking Matters It may not seem like a big deal, but a person's posture can play a pretty significant role in their public speaking abilities. Those who have trained with us know we put a huge emphasis on body language and non-verbal communication, and good public speaking posture is a [...]

Need a Great Quote for Public Speaking?

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Give These Great Quotes About Success a Try As a public speaker, your job is to present a message that captures your audience's attention and holds on to it right through to the end. A great, well-placed quote can add humor, intensity, and emotion, and sometimes the best quotes about life are pretty relevant for [...]

Using Gestures Effectively During Public Speaking

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Gestures Are Important to Get Your Message Across One important way to help your audience understand what you're trying to say is through hand gestures. That may seem like a strange thing to say—after all, if your message is clear it's the words you use that should relay your point, right? That's true, but keeping [...]

Eliminating Filler Words from Your Vocabulary

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Filler Words Are Speech Killers Okay so…like…filler words are…umm…awful, you know? It’s probably safe to say we all fall victim to filler words from time to time, especially when we’re feeling nervous or uncertain. And few people are as nervous and uncertain as when they have to get up and speak. But have you noticed [...]

3 Reasons Why Public Speaking Isn’t As Scary as You Think

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Public Speaking Anxiety Is Common Ask just about anyone and they could probably give you a list as long as their arm of things they'd rather do than get up in front of an audience and talk. Public speaking anxiety affects an estimated three-quarters of the population and not many bother learning how to get [...]

Vocal Exercises for Public Speaking

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Voice Exercises Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Did you know your voice can produce as many as 325 different pitches? Or that your body uses 100 different muscles to create speech? The stress you feel when you have to give a presentation can create tension in the muscles all over your body, including your [...]

Dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety

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Wouldn't it be great if you never had to give another presentation? It sounds like a dream come true for people who suffer from public speaking anxiety. And frankly, that's the majority of the population. The thought of standing before a group and talking is just about the scariest thing imaginable for most people — [...]

The Critical Skills You Will Learn at a Presentation Skills Workshop

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If there is one thing many people dread, it is public speaking and presenting. This is why we at Public Speaking Classes specialize in creating presentation skills workshops, which can turn even the most anxious of presenters into polished public speakers. Depending on your unique needs and circumstances, our company will create a presentation skills [...]