Corporate Team Communication

how to have better communication in a team environment

"I spent 6 years studying communication to find out why we do the things we do. It wasn't until I found this course that those questions were answered." -Jordan Jones M.A.

Hacking Communication will be a life changing experience. The course dives into why you communicate the way you do. What are your motivations to communicate and what are others motives? Becoming conscious of these motives allows us to hack communication on an individuals level. This course explains communication in a manner that applies to everyone in the world. 

Improve your team Communication!

Learn how to get through to all learning styles.

We can all agree better communication would lead to a better workplace. Every resume has “good communicator” on it. However, most think they’re a good at communicating, but how many aren’t? It’s subjective, but creating a better line of communication starts with understanding. This courses offers your team a thought out course that will help bridge the gaps of communication for all learning styles.  

Business Meetings

Finding your Voice

Stepping into your voice helps validate your opinion. Whenever you’re taking that stage remember your audience is saying good for the speaker. Because they’d much rather have someone else speaking then themselves. Public speaking is the number one fear in the world, after all…