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Who We Are

Effective Presentations is the leader in communication skills training. When you want the best in public speaking and presentations skills training, Effective Presentations provides a diverse array of flexible training solutions.

We are proud to offer this highly interactive, corporate level training to individuals though a limited number of open enrollment events, though most are conducted onsite for corporations and small businesses across the country.


Our 2-Day Workshop

Effective Presentations’ small group experiential workshop is perfect for both novices and seasoned professionals seeking to improve their communication skills. This Public Speaking and Presentations Skill Training workshop provides a fun, dynamic, and engaging training experience fundamental to ultimate success and achievement. While assessing existing communication skills, we focus on vital aptitudes critical to effective communication. Our workshops position participants to exude poise, confidence, and persuasion – whether speaking to an audience or 1 or 1000!

Workshop Benefits

We're Fun!

We're Real!

We're Proven!

By combining proven methods with engaging activities designed specifically for the business environment, you enjoy a one-of-a-kind learning experience!

When you learn from trainers who can relate to your struggles, the results are incredible! We’ve handled big businesses, small businesses, and our own business, and the experiences and skills we’ve collected over the years will help you avoid making the same mistakes we made.

You’re guaranteed dramatic, measurable improvements in your communication and presentation skills when you train with us!

Workshop Outline
Day 1

Workshop Outline
Day 2

01. Elements of a Presentation

Content, design, & delivery
Developing a strong open and close
Communication Venues

02. First Impressions

Creating an immediate impression
Controlling nervousness
Building rapport with the audience

03. Establishing the Baseline

Introduction Presentation (approx 1 min)
Feedback on strengths & areas for improvement

04. Developing Spontaneity

Thinking on your feet
Mind mapping exercises

05. Creating a Stronger Presence

Presenter’s stance – your posture speaks loudly
Using gestures to clarify and enhance the message
Body language doesn’t lie

06. Presentation Practice

Presentation on posture and gestures
Instructor feedback and group discussion

07. Eye Contact and Facial Expressions

Using eye contact to build confidence & rapport
Painting the picture with gestures
Discussion and role play

08. Presentation Practice

Prepared presentation (approx. 2 min)
Private Individual Coaching
Individual written evaluations by course leader

01. Making Presentations Fun

Discussion and role play
Getting out of yourself and into the audience
Appropriate use of humor in a presentation
Voice Overs

02. Using the Voice Effectively

Developing greater awareness of the voice
Speaking more confidently
Developing a more expressive voice
Exercise to develop more conviction in voice

03. Taking out the Trash

Unprofessional use of Filler Words
Eliminating the from your vocabulary

04. Presentation Practice

Presentation focused on voice and filler words
Instructor feedback and group discussion

05. Techniques for Greater Impact

Exercises for a more assertive delivery style
Round table discussion
Best and bombed presentations

06. Managing Q & A Sessions

Controlling the process
Dealing with difficult questions

07. Presentation Practice

Role playing Q & A sessions
Controlling the process

08. Pulling It All Together

Final prepared presentation (approx. 5 min)
Private Individual Coaching

09. General Feedback Session

Individual written evaluations by instructors

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Since attending Effective Presentations’ Workshop, I have experienced a huge transformation. My confidence has skyrocketed as a result of learning and applying the many effective techniques from the two-day workshop. Whether I am speaking to a room of 100 collegiate football players and coaches, or working with a small group of athletes, I am able to capture the audience and own the stage. As a sport psychologist, my business has significantly increased, and I know in part this is because of what I learned in this workshop. Dynamic teaching, knowledge, and expertise are equally matched with warmth and humor. They effortlessly combine practical skills with ample opportunities for application and reflection. The tools and techniques that I have learned from the workshop are invaluable! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take their presentation skills to the next level.”
- Edward Chavez, Ph.D., Institute Of Optimal Performance

“I attended the Effective Presentation Skills Workshop and they are excellent at what they do. It is not an exxageration to say that this workshop was the best one I have ever attended.”

- Sophia Kristjansson, Founder & CEO, Lexicon Leadership Group LLC.

“I recently participated in their public speaking seminar and want to commend them on their level of professionalism and outstanding course presentation. The in-class personal presentations and their ability to convey the course material taught me how to take my own presentation skills to the next level. I have truly grown professionally because of their outstanding instruction. Thank you for the dedication to refining the skills of other professionals.”

- Charles Porter, Vice President, Radio Resource Inc

“Awesome seminar! I learned so much and it was THE best training course I ever had, not just in public speaking but in general. Our instructor has a real gift of teaching this class and certainly made a difference in my life. I would recommend it to just about anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills and even communication skills in general. This course does get you out of your comfort zone but it is well worth it and you learn so much in just two days. The experience you get from this course is invaluable and you will not regret it.”

- Kyusae Rhee, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

“The Effective Presentation Skills Training was one of the most rewarding and beneficial training classes I have ever taken. I took the training because of the fear of public speaking and a desire to speak professionally with confidence. They are amazingly skilled professional speakers and trainers. I gained so much knowledge form them. I was amazed at the transformation in myself that I experienced from the beginning of the class to the end. They make you feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. They did an outstanding job and this is an outstanding training. This was a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend the Effective Presentation Skills Training.”

- Evelyn Hale, Xcel Energy