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Effective Presentations is the leader in Live Virtual communication skills training, offering a wide variety of online training programs.

When it comes to transforming your communication in a remote setting, Effective Presentations is the ONLY right choice!

Our best-in-class training team and highly interactive programs will immediately empower you to deliver highly effective presentations.

Our Live Virtual Workshops

Dive into the same results-driven curriculum we deliver in classrooms across the country.
These small group remote workshops are packed with stimulating activities, role-play exercises and videotaped practice presentations.
Benefit from peer involvement and experience the power of the group in a fun and dynamic learning environment.

Workshop Benefits

We're Fun!

We're Real!

We're Proven!

When you learn from the trainers who can relate to your struggles, the results are incredible! We’ve handled big business and our own business; so the experiences and skills we’ve collected over the years will help you avoid making the mistakes we did.






01. Calming the Nerves

Creating an Immediate Impression
Controlling Nervousness
Building Rapport with the Audience

02. Radiate Confidence

Presenter’s Stance – Posture Speaks Loudly
Using Gestures to Clarify and Enhance your Message
Body Language Doesn’t Lie

03. Build a Quick Connection

Using Eye Contact to Build Trust and Confidence
Discussion and Role Play

04. Presentation Practice

Presentation on Posture and Gestures

01. Crafting the Message

Exercises for a More Assertive Delivery Style
Discussion on Effective Preparation Techniques
Best and Bombed Presentations

02. The Well-Informed Audience

Controlling the Q & A Process
Dealing with Difficult Questions

03. Pulling It All Together

Final Prepared Presentation





01. It’s All About Sound

Developing Greater Awareness of the Voice
Speaking More Confidently
Exercises for Developing a More Expressive Voice

02. Taking out the Trash

Getting Rid of Unprofessional Language
Eliminating Filler Words from Your Vocabulary

03. Presentation Practice

Presentation Focused on Voice and Filler Words

Personalized Options:

◼ Debrief and Review of Sessions
◼ Coaching and Practice
◼ Tips to Strengthen Your Presentations
◼ Structuring Your Presentations
◼ Exploring Specific Concerns
◼ Road-map and Strategies for Success
◼ Personalizing and Developing Your Story
◼ Advanced Presentation Skills
◼ Dynamic Delivery Techniques
◼ Running Effective Meetings
◼ Slide Deck Content and Design
◼ Webinar Best Practices
◼ Strong First Burst and Power Close

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Dustin Leffingwell was my instructor. He was very attentive to each student throughout the course. He kept us engaged and was very energetic. Dustin was also very responsive, I called him to clarify something and he got back to me right away. I want him to be at all my presentations to cheer me on lol. Thanks Dustin!”
~ Leah Rumore - Site Safety Manager, The Middlesex Corporation
“I loved the flexibility of the virtual training sessions. I travel for work and already lose precious family time. The virtual class was perfect for me! Dustin was very positive and gave me tools/techniques to feel confident speaking. Also, working on the “intent” of the presentation not the “content” has been a great tip in creating power point presentations. I highly recommend Effective Presentations training!”
~ Mark, Midland Video Productions
“I recently participated in your public speaking seminar and wanted to commend you on your level of professionalism and outstanding course presentation. The in-class personal presentations and your ability to convey the course material taught me how to take my own presentation skills to the next level. I have truly grown professionally because of your outstanding instruction. Thank you for your dedication to refining the skills of other professionals.”
~ Charles Porter, Vice President, Radio Resource Inc.
“Outstanding, incredibly practical, and great fun. ‘The best communication skills workshop I’ve ever had’ and ‘Definitely worth the two days we invested’ were comments I heard from the staff after you led the workshop on communication skills. We are very grateful to you for your time and expertise in providing such a quality training experience for us…”
~ Jerry Nelson, Pastor, Southern Gables Church
“I highly recommend the Effective Presentation Skills Workshop. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or just aspiring to speak, this course is a must! I have been teaching and doing public speaking for many years now, and after taking this seminar my presentation skills have absolutely gone to new level. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my confidence and ability to present material in a more meaningful way and the feedback I’ve gotten from audiences has never been better. Mike Fruciano is a great teacher whose style empowers you to be the best you can be. If you aspire to be the best then don’t wait another moment. This course will ensure your success.”
~ Amira Watters, President, The Wild Flower “Nature’s Alternative”