The Critical Skills You Will Learn at a Presentation Skills Workshop

If there is one thing many people dread, it is public speaking and presenting. This is why we at Public Speaking Classes specialize in creating presentation skills workshops, which can turn even the most anxious of presenters into polished public speakers.

Depending on your unique needs and circumstances, our company will create a presentation skills workshop that will ensure you have the fundamental skills necessary to make a connection with your audience and to engage them. But we do more than teach individuals how to put together a series of slides; we also help individuals:

Start Off Strong
Our company has been in this industry for a long while now, and we know what it takes to create a strong and effective presentation that will get people watching and listening to you. The best way to do this is to kick off your presentation with a strong introduction.

Starting off strong is no easy feat, but it is crucial, if you are going to grab your audience’s attention and hold on to it. Our consultants work with clients to ensure that regardless of industry, circumstance, or scenario, they are able to nab the attention of those in attendance at the beginning of each and every presentation, and they’ll maintain that attention to the end.

Share Their Passion with the Crowd
Our clients have shared a number of misconceptions they have had about connecting with the audience. Some have said that eye contact is the number one way to make a connection, while others have told us they try to engage them with a funny joke at the beginning of the presentation.

We at Public Speaking Classes know the best way to get people listening and paying attention is to show your audience you are passionate about the topic. Be honest and enthusiastic and your audience will be sure to respond.

Appeal to the Five Senses
During our presentation skills workshop, presenters will learn how to appeal to the five senses of their audience as much as possible. This means:

  • How to effectively use visual aids to explain and connect with their audience
  • How to use their voice for effect (i.e., changing your speed, emphasis, tone, pitch, etc.)
  • How to use body language

Be Intuitive to Your Audience’s Needs
At our presentation skills workshop, we go beyond teaching individuals how to stay calm under pressure. We teach our clients how to be in touch with the needs of their audience and to focus on those needs. This may mean you will need to make slight or even major changes to your presentation plans, but our skilled consultants here at Public Speaking Classes teach clients how to navigate these situations.

7 thoughts on “The Critical Skills You Will Learn at a Presentation Skills Workshop”

  1. The thing I liked about the workshop I attended is that it not only taught me how to be a better public speaker, it taught me how to speak better with people in general. I’ve struggled with social anxiety for a few years now, so this was definitely a huge benefit for me.

  2. I actually went ot one of these a few years back and I had wished I took better notes. They are fantastic for anyone new to public speaking, or even those who have done it for years. I actually tell people to watch these election runs just to get an idea of how public speaking should be. The men and woman (lol) running for president have mastered the skills of public speaking and I think people can actually learn from watching them as well.

  3. I’ve signed up for a few webinars on public speaking and was disappointed. Yours looks like a training program I would really benefit from. Glad to find this site.

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